How is working with Make Space Now different than working with other Professional Organizing Companies?

My passion and vision for you is a clutter-free, functional home, organized to your unique style, not someone else's. Many Professional Organizing Companies offer a quick solution and organization to their style and don't take into account that what works for them may not work for you in the long run.

When the Professional Organizer leaves, your house is organized, but soon the clutter comes back rearing its ugly head and this can leave you feeling down, wondering why you can't tame it. 

Working with Make Space Now you'll discover your unique organizing style and I will implement time-saving organizational systems you can sustain. 

What is your process? 

My organizing sessions are 6 hours long and I typically work 3 hours, take a 1 hour lunch break and work another 3 hours. Short breaks to grab a drink are recommended.

I'm going to pull, gather, and sort your items in the space I'm working in and place them in categories. For example, when working in your closet space, the shirts, pants, and hangers will go in their own categories.

Next, you will be asked well into the session to make a few decisions on what to keep or toss. And after those decisions, I'll create organizational systems tailored to you. 

Do you have business insurance? 

How do I prepare for our session? 

If you have children and animals please make arrangements for them to be out during the session. If you have items you know you're going to donate, go ahead and put those in bags and I'll deliver the donating items to the local thrift store for you, up to 5 bags for no charge. If you'd like, a tax receipt will either be given to you next session or I'll mail it to you.

Depending on the area I'll work on, go ahead and do general cleaning. For instance, if I'm working in your kitchen, please have the dishes cleaned. No need to deep clean. 

I kindly request any weapon(s) you have be put away.  

What forms of payment do you accept? 

Make Space Now accepts Zelle, cash, bank transfer, credit cards, and checks. 

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