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Simplify your home 

You're a busy professional who's been thinking about it for a while.  And now you're ready to move forward with your vision and have someone execute it for you. 

Imagine having a newly remodeled kitchen. Next, imagine leaving for work with the cupboards bare and coming home at the end of the day to a perfectly stylized and organized kitchen, tailored to your lifestyle.

We do that for you.

I invite you to contact us with your project. We’ll help you create a vision and style that works for you. 

Our 3-Step Process 


We gather, empty, and sort your items into categories to prepare for decluttering


 Time for decision making. We declutter and help you make decisions to keep, donate, or toss. 

Organize & Style 

We space plan & implement storage systems to organize & stylize items to fit your lifestyle. Purchasing bins are recommended

Organizing Packages 

We offer "do-it-for-you" packages. 

Often times clients who choose this service want to come in when it's time to make the decision to keep, donate, or toss the items.

We want to make the process simple for you, so we'll have you check-in a few times throughout the day to make some decisions and confirm your satisfaction with the progress being made. 

You'll be pleased with the transformation happening in a relatively short amount of time. Your satisfaction is our absolute top priority.

Now that you have a better understanding of how the process works, which of our 3 packages is right for you?

50% deposit due at time of booking

      Full Service


• 48 Onsite Labor Hours 

• 3 to 5 related spaces

​ • one carload of donations & recycables taken at end of each day 

• space plan, product recommendations and basic online shopping service provided

​ • custom labels   

• perfect for getting storage spaces into shape such as garage or multiple spaces at one time

• polished look

• add on hourly until completion



                *most popular

• 24 Onsite Labor Hours ​

• 2 to 3 related spaces ​

• one carload of donations & recycables taken at end of each day

• space plan and product recommendations included 

• basic labeling tape

• perfect for getting a few key living spaces into shape such as  pantry, playroom, bedroom, or home office  

• finished look

• add on hourly until completion



• 12 Onsite Labor Hours 

• 1-2 spaces

• carload of donations taken at end of project 

• space plan and product recommendations not given

• basic labeling tape

• perfect for decluttering 1-2 related spaces such as pantry or bathrooms + linen closets 

• functional look

• add on hourly until completion 

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